Friday, October 8, 2010


One of my Facebook friends asked whether Teabaggers actually believe what they say.  I responded thusly:


It is hard to figure, isn't it? I think they all go to some hypnotist and say "Make me believe; I'm gonna talk trash and I wanna be SINCERE."

And then the hypnotist says, "Okay, but first let's sell the election to any foreign power with the moolah to make us all richer than we already are, which of course is almost impossible, and then let's make sure that the trash you talk results in a clean, white, christian, heterosexual, male-dominated America, for I just happen to be white, Christian, hetero and male, and I'm afraid of losing any of the power that currently redounds to that, for I have no inner resources and would not succeed if relying purely on my personal integrity, which, by the way, has anybody seen?"

And then the pols listening to this have not actually understood two-thirds of it, so they nod and say, "so hypnotize me already, Doc, I've got a campaign to run. my opponent is hitting 'em with FACTS. I have to hurry out and drown those with some big bad lies, which is why I need you to swing the pendulum for me in the first place, Doc, so can you hurry it up?"

The hypnotist, not liking to be rushed, adds a little something to the mix when he's got them under, just for spite. and that is why Teabaggers lick their own genitals. BECAUSE THEY CAN (and because no one else will.)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was rude. The basic belief of the right is that government should have limits placed on what it can do. Without limits we get searches that resemble sexual assault in airports. Without limits we get our savings through planned inflation. Without limits on government, we become slaves of the bureaucrats.

genessa said...

my post was rude? i don't think so. what i think is that your reply is inaccurate. the right is RESPONSIBLE for searches amounting to sexual assault, and the right wants to have the power to tell women what to do with their bodies and what religion should rule the country. i think you need a better sense of direction. the left and right both want limits on government. the difference is which parts they want limited.