Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guys, I Just Gagged!

I don't drive so I don't need auto insurance. To me, auto insurance ads are merely a source of amusement (Geico), bafflement (Progressive) or annoyance (Nationwide). Isn't it most gratifying to write about annoyance?

There are a few different scenarios; let's take the one in which a nice-looking young woman named Liz places her insurance future in the hands of an obnoxious beyond-nerd who charms her by gagging into the phone while attempting to get her a "brilliant idea." Would you be charmed? I was anticharmed. The advertisers did not make it clear whether we were even supposed to be charmed; Liz never stopped smiling. I did.

Yes, I am aware that the ad was supposed to be humorous. I am equally aware that if I were perhaps 12 years old, male and somewhat dim, it would in fact be humorous. Since my age is almost five times that admittedly interesting age, I am not now nor have I ever been (or wanted to be) male, and I am willing to take a chance on claiming, in your presence, not to be dim, for me it fell flatter than a Minnesota accent (which I think I do not possess, even after more than a decade here). Sorry, Nationwide: if I drove, I would not choose an insurance company that trusts the advertising company or department that came up with this crap. It would make me doubt your judgment in other areas as well (such as auto insurance).


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way about this stupid commercial. Why the hell would anyone buy insurance from a company that makes people think about gagging. This is definitely one for a "What Were They Thinking" file.

Anonymous said...

He's as disgusting as that obnoxious Flo with Progressive Insurance! In fact, I would NEVER consider buying insurance from either company because of their ignorant commercials, and I turn them off as soon as they come on! I resent their ignorant infringement on my time and intelligence. They BOTH make me gag.