Monday, January 18, 2010

Magic Jack

This is a simple math question. How does $1.70 a month times ANY number of months end up as ANY number ending in a five? The good news is that the annual cost announced is LOWER than $1.70 times 12. The question (apart from the math question) is which one is the consumer actually charged? Is Magic Jack offering a discount for paying for a year in advance, and simply forgetting to mention that discount, or is Magic Jack either bad at math or trying to deceive the consumer, or...? Does anyone reading this actually use Magic Jack and if so, what do you actually pay? And have I used the word "actually" enough yet?

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genessa said...

i have just deleted a comment on this post. it said:

"harry said...
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the post contained a link to some place from which i assume we are expected to believe (and it might be true) that we can watch tv shows online. i deleted the comment because of the link; otherwise i only would have responded, and my response would be no kinder than my response now, which is:

"thanks for complimenting me on a post you obviously either didn't understand or didn't care to understand, in your quest for posts on which to slap irrelevant links. your compliment was meaningless, as it had nothing to do with my actual post, which may have been many things but 'lovely' was not one of them. in addition, if i perceived the merest shred of sincerity in your post, i would then have to wonder how you came up with the idea that i am a huge fan of tv shows. i did not mention a single tv show in my post. rather, i criticized the bad math in a commercial. i would hope you were not on the police force, or in the legal system; think of all the bad assumptions that a person such as you (were you sincere) could use to send innocent people to jail and even to their deaths, and/or to let the guilty be. fortunately for us all, you're NOT sincere. you're just a snerty spammer using my post (and no doubt others folks' too) to get your name and link out there (and i have to wonder why, since the link is not to any site of yours and doesn't even look like an affiliate link). therefore may i politely suggest that you do not darken my blog again? no? no can do? okay, i'll be less polite. GET LOST!"

some people have SO little to do with their lives!

and by the way, that math STILL doesn't work.