Thursday, September 3, 2009

Where to Find my Nonbloggy Writings!

Try this page: . It lists most of the writing on my website (check the product pages; I have hidden some essays there too!) and links to my ESSAYS page which lists off-site stuff.



(Best Show)Watch said...


Two things

1) I’d like your permission to (re)print your article on ‘Torchwood’for our website

2) I was hoping we could use your ‘scribing’ talent for our website.

The Best Shows Youre Not Watching (dot) com [all one word]
‘Torchwood’one of our featured shows. We’re hoping to round up a few people who can occasionally contribute perspective (via an article/blog) on the shows – maybe a recent episode, future direction, plot shortcomings etc.

What’s in it for you?
Primarily a larger audience back channeled to your blog. We don’t pay but the site has a lot of promise and we're pretty excited about getting it off the ground. Let me know what you think.


genessa said...

hi. it seems a kind, friendly offer but i have some questions:

1. what article? unless i've been sleepwriting again, i've never written an article about torchwood. (and if i had, then wouldn't you likely have posted your comment to it instead of to this non-bloggy post?)

2. i work for free when i feel like it, not to get a bigger audience (i have one) directed back to my blog (my blog is a minor part of my venues for expressing myself and if you'll look carefully you'll see i don't do it that often, since i'm busy, well, you know, WRITING). so.. if you explain what torchwood article you mean and it exists and you still want it, we can talk. but i am making no commitments of my time or energies. (i might add that torchwood isn't being watched for one reason and one reason alone: it's OVER! they've killed off most of the characters and jack has run away. wonderful show, sad to lose it, but let's not pretend it's coming back!)


p.s. i did respond to your lone torchwood review.