Friday, July 25, 2008

Welcome to the random ramblings of the Random Rambler. My rambles will seem, perhaps, to have no rhyme or reason, but this is, of course, an illusion.

Some of my rambles will be on topics that have been on my mind; others will be put into my mind by sponsors. This doesn't mean my opinions are bought and paid for; you can ask me to review your website (and we can talk about a fee) but you can't ask me to be other than honest about it. Be assured my opinions, and the expression thereof, are my own.

I have sponsors and I may link you to them as appropriate. If you have trouble with any of my sponsors, I would like to hear about it, so I can check into it and drop any sponsor who's doing something I find unacceptable.

A random ramble will follow shortly; meanwhile here are, respectively, a link, speaking of links, to a place you can read a great deal of my existing work (not to mention unbloggy, rambleless stuff I will write in the future), and another link, this time to a sponsor's website, speaking of sponsors:

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